July 2024 Cree Camp

tānsi kahkiyaw,

tawāw- to registration for our 20th anniversary Cree Camp July 21-28 in Sturgeon Lake, SK.  Limited space available.  This year, our gathering will include a camp set up day and take down/clean up day (2 half days) along with six full days of language instruction, which means 7 days of language interaction and engagement. We will have more teachers, more language stations and more language methods. This is also an active research site for adults focused on inter-generational language transmission and healing. Consent forms will be required along with assessments of your language acquisition status. More information to participants will be sent out in that regard.

This year we have awāsīsak language classes too and invited kēhtēyak joining us. Please come prepared, this is the true meaning of ‘Indian Time’, a matotisān perhaps, medicine picking, canoeing, etc.

7 days – 7 teachers – 7 methods – mamaskats! New teachers joining our nLE family.

(Please note: meals and camp gear not included) Food groups will be assigned. This is your responsibility as a participant. Figure out two meals: Supper and Breakfast, allergies, bring your own plates/cups, cutlery. Camp will provide snacks and will have some of these items along with pots and pans. We will have a camp cook. More details about the camp meals closer to the date. Please don’t bring Styrofoam and plastic for plates and cups.

Please follow the link below to register.

July 2024 Cree Camp Registration